The PSA sponsors panels at the yearly conferences of both the Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Literature Association (ALA). CFPs for these panels are posted on this page, the conference websites, and the PSA listserv. Abstracts of upcoming and recent papers are also posted on this page. In addition to our participation in the MLA and ALA, the PSA sponsors international Poe conferences and co-sponsors conferences abroad. The former are located in the United States in cities associated with Poe and are international in the sense that they are attended by Poe scholars from around the world. The latter are co-sponsored with other author societies and located abroad.


Modern Language Association Annual Convention
Seattle, WA January 9-12, 2020

Poe, Islands, and Archipelagoes
Organized by Emron Esplin (Brigham Young University) and Brian Russell Roberts (Brigham Young University)
Chair: Emron Esplin
1. “Pacific Sensations: Rebellions, Race, and Travel Writing in Edgar Allan Poe’s Sea Tales,” Colleen Marie Tripp, California State University-Northridge
2. “Island Fantasies and Archipelagic Resistance in Poe’s South Sea Fictions,” Caleb Doan, Louisiana State University
3. “Plotting Poe’s Islands of the Mind,” Sonya Isaak, University of Heidelberg
4. “Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Liquid Landscape’: An Archipelagic Rereading of The Journal of Julius Rodman,” Micah Donohue, Eastern New Mexico University


American Literature Association Conference
Boston, MA May 23-26, 2019

Poe and Childhood
Chair: Cristina Perez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid/ Harvard University
1. “Notes on Poe and Lolita.” Paul Charles Grimstad, New York University-Gallatin
2. “A Neglected Book from Poe’s Childhood.” Richard Kopley, Pennsylvania State University-DuBois
3. “A Child Adrfit: Finding Family in Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.” Michelle Pacht, LaGuardia Community College

Poe in the Archive (Roundtable Session)
Chair: Adam Lewis, Boston College
1. Richard Kopley, Pennsylvania State University-DuBois
2. Paul Lewis, Boston College
3. Travis Montgomery, Oklahoma Christian University
4. Jaqueline Pierazzo, University of Porto, Portugal

Modern Language Association Conference
Chicago, IL January 3-6, 2019

Poe and Trauma
Chair:  Emron Esplin, Brigham Young University
1. "Experience Claimed:  The Trauma of Knowing in Poe's Angelic Dialogues." Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Central Michigan University
2. "Traumatic Reenactments:  Edgar Allan Poe and the Gothic Vicious Circle." Ana Cristina Baniceru, West University of Timisoara
3. "Repetition, Race, and Trauma in 'A Tale of the Ragged Mountains,' Post-Charlottesville." William Hunt, Barton College
4. "Color as Contagion in 'The Fall of the House of Usher':  Translating Trauma and Social Degeneracy to the Graphic Novel." Amy Braun, Washington University

American Literature Association Conference
San Francisco CA May 24-27, 2018

Teaching Poe and the World
Chair:  Emron Esplin, Brigham Young University
1. "Poe in Brazil:  Machado de Assis and the Emulation of Poe as a Criticism against Baudelaire's Intermediation." Greicy Pinto Bellin, Centro Universitario de Andrade (Brazil)
2. "Of Ravens and Romanticism:  Edgar Allan Poe's Enduring Legacy in American Education and the Juvenile Appropriations of His Poetry and Prose," Jordan Costanza, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
3. "E. A. Poe, W. A. Schlegel, and Modern Literature:  A Transnational/Comparative Approach to Teaching Poe," Stephen Rachman, Michigan State University

Bodies in Poe and Hawthorne
Chair:  Cristina Perez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Harvard University
1. "Poisoned and Possessed:  Neuroscience and the Animate Body in Hawthorne and Poe," Matthew Rebhorn, James Madison University
2. "Female Bodies and Male Fears in Poe and Hawthorne," Paul Emmett, University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
3. "The Scarlett Letter, 'Berenice,' and Jacksonian Era Medical Debates," Jeffrey Yeager, West Virginia University

The Modern Language Association
New York NY January 4–7, 2018

Poe's Philadelphia Stories
Chair: Amy Branam Armiento, Frostburg University
1.  "Illustrating 'The Gold-Bug,'" John Gruesser, Kean University
2.  "The Colonial Geographies of Sympathetic Ink in Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Gold Bug,'" Daniel Couch, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
3.  "The Duplicitous Design of Four Supposed Tales of Terror," Susan Amper, Bronx Community College
4.  "Abortion, Punctuation, and the Murders that aren't Murders in the Rue Morgue," Dana Medoro, University of Manitoba   

  American Literature Association
Boston MA May 25–28, 2017

Innovative Approaches to Teaching Poe
Chair: Cristina Pérez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid / Harvard University
1.  “‘We are a wonderful people, and live in a wonderful age’: Teaching ‘The Man That Was Used Up’ in China,” Manuel Herrero-Puertas, New York Institute of Technology-Nanjing.
2.  “Teaching Poe and Periodical Culture to Different Student Populations,” Timothy W. Helwig, Western Illinois University and Carl Ostrowski, Middle Tennessee State University.
3.  “Teaching Poe in the Context of the ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy,” John Edward Martin, University of North Texas Libraries.
4.  “What Poe’s ‘Balloon Hoax’ Can Teach Us About Fake News,” Emily Gowen, Boston University. 

Poe and Anthologies
Chair: Emron Esplin, Brigham Young University
1. “(Dis)unity of Affect: Poe Collecting People in The Literati of New York City,” Jana L. Argersinger, Washington State University
2. “Editing Poe in the Twentieth Century: The Contributions of Mabbott, Pollin, Quinn, and Thompson,” Travis Montgomery, Oklahoma Christian University
3. “Edgar Allan Poe and the Classification, Collection, and Anthologizing of Detective Fiction,” John Gruesser, Kean University
4. “Anthologies: A Study of the First Spanish Illustrated Poe Anthology,” Margarita Rigal-Aragón and Fernando González-Moreno, Universidad Castilla-La Mancha

Poe Studies Association Panel at MLA 2017 
Philadelphia PA January 5-8, 2017

Poe and Antebellum Writers
Chair: Amy Branam Armiento, Frostburg State University
Respondent: Barbara Cantalupo, Penn State, Lehigh Valley

Sarah Schuetze, St. Norbert College, "Dancing with Cholera: Poe and Nathaniel Parker Willis"
Edward Whitley, Lehigh University, "'Poor Poe, you know, was a Bohemian': Whitman, Poe, and the Bohemians of Antebellum New York"
Emron Esplin, Brigham Young University, "Poe, Hawthorne, and Detective Fiction as Mediated through Borges"



International Poe Conferences
1st International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, 
Richmond, VA, 1999
2nd International Edgar Allan Poe Conference,
Towson, MD, 2002
3rd (Bicentennial) International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, 
Philadelphia, PA, 2009
4th International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, 
New York, NY, 2015
5th International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, 
Boston, MA, 2021

Co-sponsored Conferences
Transatlanticism in American Literature, co-sponsored with the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society and the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society,
Oxford, England, 2006
Conversazioni in Italia, co-sponsored with the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society and the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society,
Florence, Italy, 2012
International Poe & Hawthorne Conference, co-sponsored with the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society,
Kyoto, Japan, 2018