The Poe Studies Association Newsletter was first published in May of 1973 and ceased publication with the Spring 2000 issue.

Spring 2000, vol. XXVII, no.1

Fall 1999, vol. XXVII, no.2 

Spring 1999, vol. XXVII, no.1

Fall 1998, vol. XXVI, no.2 

Spring 1998, vol. XXVI, no.1

Fall 1997, vol. XXV, no.2

Spring 1997, vol. XXV, no.1

Fall 1996, vol. XXIV, no.2

Spring 1996, vol. XXIV, no.1

Fall 1995, vol. XXIII, no.2 

Spring 1995, vol. XXIII, no.1

Fall 1994, vol. XXII, no.2

Spring 1994, vol. XXII, no.1

Fall 1993, vol. XXI, no.2

Spring 1993, vol. XXI, no.1

Fall 1992, vol. XXI, no.2 

Spring 1992, vol. XX, no.1

Fall 1991, vol. XIX, no.2 

Spring 1991, vol. XIX, no.1

Fall 1990, vol. XVIII, no.2 

Spring 1990, vol. XVIII, no.1

Fall 1989, vol. XVII, no.2 

Spring 1989, vol. XVII, no.1

Spring 1988, XVI, no.1

Fall 1988, vol. XVI, no.2 

Spring 1987, vol. XV, no.1

Fall 1987, vol. XV, no.2

Fall & Spring 1986, vol. XIV, no.1&2

Fall 1985, vol. XIII, no.2

Spring 1985, vol. XIII, no.1

Fall 1984, vol. XII, no.2

Spring 1984, vol. XII, no.1

Fall 1983, vol. XI, no.2

Spring 1983, vol. XI, no.1

Fall 1982, vol. X, no.2

Spring 1982, vol. X, no.1

Fall 1981, vol. XI, no.2

Spring 1981, vol. IX, no.1

Fall 1980, vol. VIII, no.2

May 1980, vol. VIII, no.1

Fall 1979, vol. VII, no.2

May 1979, vol. VII, no.1

Fall 1978, vol. VI, no.2

May 1978, vol. VI, no.1

November 1977, vol. V, no.2

May 1977, vol. V, no.1

November 1976, vol. IV, no.2

May 1976, vol. IV, no.1

November 1975, vol.III, no.2

May 1975, vol. III, no.1

November 1974, vol. II, no.2

May 1974, vol. II, no.1

November 1973, vol. I, no.2

May 1973, vol. I, no.1